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COVID-19 Questions 

What is Covid-19 and why is it preventing us from meeting?

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China and has rapidly spread to nearly every country in the world. 

Because of the highly contagious nature of this virus government officials have asked us to stay home as much as possible, not meet in groups, wash our hands frequently and disinfect surfaces regularly. 

Because we want to be good neighbors and help keep everyone we love and care for safe, we are not meeting at this time on the weekends or in small groups. Also most of our staff is working from home at this time. 

By following the CDC guidelines we can help be part of the end of this pandemic and keep our community safe!

For more information about COVID-19 you can check out the CDC website here:

And check out their quick facts here:

Is there any way to know how long we will be prevented from gathering on the weekends and throughout the week?

On March 11th our governor asked that no groups of people over 250 meet together. As most of our weekend gatherings are larger than 250 we decided to move our weekend gatherings to strictly online. 

On March 23rd our governor issued a “Stay at Home” order which means that we are asking all groups to stop meeting in person and switch to virtual meetings. We have not been given an end date for this order but we will continue to follow the guidelines that we are given by the government and healthcare professionals. 

If you have any questions about this you can email us at or call us at 541-779-7777

General church questions 

Are we still meeting for church?

While we are not able to meet in the church building at this time we are still meeting online for weekend worship and small groups. 

Join us online at our regular worship times to share in worship, hear the word preached and chat together as we process the message. 

Saturday 6pm and Sunday at 9 & 10:45 am 

If you are part of a small group contact your group leader to find out how you are meeting together virtually. 

If you are wanting to get connected to a small group or start a small group during this time email us at and we will get you connected!

Are we still able to give? How do I give my tithe?

Yes! Even though we are not meeting together in person, the ministry of the church is still happening all over our community. So, we greatly appreciate your continued generosity through this. 

You can give online here:

Or you can mail your check to:

New Life Church
1974 E. McAndrews Rd.
Medford OR 97504

What do I do if I can’t get online to watch the services?

If you are having a hard time connecting to the online worship service you can email us at or call us at 541-779-7777


Is the church office still open? (Why/why not?) Am I allowed to come to the church? What are the operating hours?

The physical church offices are not officially open.  Most church staff will be working from home. Based on our Governor’s request we are encouraging anybody that is able to work from home to do so, however there will still be a receptionist answering phones, and the facilities staff will be at the church during the normal operating hours of 6:30 am to 9 pm Monday-Friday to ensure that our spaces are clean, safe, and sanitized.  There will be no one site on Saturday and Sunday. Staff are allowed to come to the offices as necessary but are encouraged to limit their time in the office and their distance from others when at the office.

What are we doing for Easter?

We are committed to providing an Easter season experience that will offer engagement and celebration – even though we are not able to meet together in person. Beginning on April 4/5 Palm Sunday weekend, look for daily online devotionals that will help you engage with the story of Jesus throughout Holy Week, leading up to a special online Good Friday worship experience. Then April 12, Easter Sunday, we will celebrate the resurrection together during 3 morning worship services at our online platforms. We will not stream on April 11, Saturday night.

What is the plan for annual church elections?

The restrictions placed on gathering together have impacted our ability to hold in-person elections for our members to elect new Church Board and Missions Board members, as well as delegates to NMI convention, and District Assembly. In light of this, the denomination has given us a provision to carry our current board into the month of April, and to appoint delegates for NMI convention and District Assembly using individuals from the lists submitted by our nominating committees back in February. As we navigate this season of social distancing, we will continue to discuss our strategy moving forward beyond April by working closely with our District Advisory Board and District Superintendent to determine our next step in selecting new board members.

Are there still plans to gather for district events like District Assembly and 

Missions Convention?

The district will be hosting a virtual District Assembly and Missions Convention. We will provide more information as we receive it. 

How is the Church of the Nazarene around the world responding to COVID-19?

The Church of the Nazarene is mobilizing locally to care for communities across the world. For more information check out this website:

How do I keep up-to-date on what’s happening with New Life, weekend services, groups, and other ministries? 

To stay in the loop about what is happening with New Life make sure to follow us!

On Facebook

On Instagram @newlifenazchurch 

And make sure you are on our e-mail list! If you aren’t sure if you are subscribed you can email us at 

For West Campus: Follow @Newlifewestcampus on Instagram. And email to sign up for weekly emails.

For Groups: If you are a group leader, you can join the New Life Naz Group Leaders Facebook page. That is where the most current up to date information is being posted, along with tools to help you as you lead your group.

If you are wanting to start a group email Pastor Beth at and we will get you what you need to get started. 

If you are looking to connect to a group we invite you to first attend one of the Lobby Parties. For more information on how to log on to a lobby party email 

For Worship and Tech: Our worship and production teams are on a temporary sabbatical due to the “stay home/social distancing” directives. We encourage you to check up on each other via social media, calls, or texts. Our leaders are also working to stay in regular contact with each of our team members, collecting praises and prayer requests. You may also direct specific requests or needs to Linda Scofield by phone (541.779.7777) or email (

For Student Ministry:

Follow us on  Instagram: 

@newlifenazmsm middle school

@hsmnewlife High School 

And keep up with us on the church website! 

For Kids Ministry: 


 @newlifenazkids on instagram 


I feel like I need to talk to a pastor or counselor. What should I do?

We know that this is an uncertain time and we want to be available to talk with you. 

If there is an emergency please call 911 

If it is a mental health emergency please call 541-774-8201

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts please call 1-800-273-8255

If you struggle with substance abuse and need assistance please call 1-877-726-4727

If this is non-emergent then please email us at or call us at 541-779-7777 to speak with the pastor on call. Either way a pastor will connect with you within 24 hours. 

Is there anyone available to help me pick up groceries or prescriptions?

We can connect you with some volunteers who are willing to help! If you need help please email us at with your name, phone number, and what you need help with and we will be in touch within 24 hours to see if we can help. 

*Please note we cannot purchase groceries for you but we can pick them up. 

I just lost my job. Where do I go for help?

We know that this is an incredibly challenging time. 

Many essential businesses continue to hire folks to keep their businesses open. We recommend you check with grocery stores who are hiring extra hands to help right now. 


  • If you need financial or food assistance here are community organizations that can help. 


    • St. Vincent de Paul

2424 N. Pacific Highway Medford OR


  • The United Way of Jackson Co

60 Hawthorne St. Medford OR


  • Access

3630 Aviation way Medford OR


For help with employment

The government has passed an aid package that extends unemployment to many people who previously did not qualify. Even if you don’t think you qualify we encourage you to explore your options. 

Here a few resources that might be helpful:

Q&A resource for those who may loose their job, stay home to watch kids etc.

I have questions about my rights as an employee during this time. Is there a resource for me?

Yes! This is an FAQ sheet put out by the government to help you know your rights as an employee if you have to stay home for any reason during this time. It also provides information about what to do if you lost your job. 

Q&A resource for those who may loose their job, stay home to watch kids etc.

How is our church helping our communities at this time?

One of the silver linings during this time is that even though we can’t gather together, the church is still the body of Christ at work in the world and now more than ever the church has left the building to go be the hands and feet of Jesus! 


The best way to help our community right now is to practice social distancing. We are encouraging everyone to check in on their friends and neighbors with phone calls or video chats. People need friendship now more than ever! We encourage you, if you are healthy and not at risk, to check on your neighbors who might need a little extra help during this time with running errands. 

*If you do interact with others you must wash your hands before and after every interaction you have and keep at least a 6 foot distance between you and anyone else. 

Follow our social media for more ideas on how to love your neighbors well right now!

If you have questions about this or anything related to how we are supporting our community please email pastor Dana at

Is our church building sitting empty right now?

No way! We have been blessed with a building that is being used for the community in a variety of ways including:

  • Day care for emergency, essential, and health care workers
  • Collection site for supplies for foster families
  • Blood drive hosting 
  • Thrive Food Collective
  • Immigration services
  • And more as opportunities develop

Should my group still meet if we’re small and none of us are sick?

Yes! But not in person. All groups should be meeting virtually. If you need help navigating how to meet virtually as a group email us at and someone will contact you to help you get set up. 


What’s happening with West Campus?

As of now West Campus will not be able to meet in South Medford High School until further notice due to COVID-19. West Campus will continue to launch when the restrictions are lifted.

However, we are meeting together as a church body online! Join us online at our regular worship times to share in worship, hear the word preached and chat together as we process the message. 

Saturday 6pm and Sunday at 9 & 10:45 am 

To stay up to date about West Campus Follow @Newlifewestcampus on Instagram. And email to sign up for weekly emails.

Is Blossom Hills still running? 

Yes, Blossom Hills is still open.  Per the governors order, all child care centers must apply for Emergency Child Care. On March 25th Blossom Hills began operating as an Emergency Child Care Facility.  We are prioritizing the childcare needs of first responders, emergency workers, healthcare professionals, followed by critical operations staff and essential personnel. As an Emergency Child Care Facility we are complying with all state health and safety recommendations to ensure staff and children stay healthy.  Supports and prayers are greatly appreciated.