Day 4


by Connie Borth

Scripture Focus: Luke 8:1-15

I am a farmer’s daughter and being a farmer’s daughter I know the care that is taken to make sure you yield a good crop. Very rarely do you sow seeds by just casting the seed out wherever or whenever. Usually seeds are planted in rows at the rightly measured distances for maximum growth potential. Even when you plant grass which does get planted by scattering seed, you first take the time to work the soil until it has a soft layer ready to receive the seed. And then after scattering, you rake the seeds gently into the ground so they can take root. On top of that you always make sure you cast the seed during the right season, always in spring or fall, never in the scorching summer heat.

Jesus tells this story of this ridiculous farmer who ignores all the traditional farming norms just scattering seeds wherever and whenever. It seems pretty careless and absurd even for ancient-time agricultural practices. I don’t blame Jesus’ disciples for asking for clarification here. What does this mean? Jesus points to the meaning of the seed. The seed is the “word of God”. Jesus is the Word of God and his teaching is the word of God. Jesus’ teaching is for everyone and everywhere. How Jesus’ teaching is received is up to the hearer. It’s about obedience. In Luke 11:28 Jesus also said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” When we obey Jesus’ teaching we are like the good soil who is noble, good-hearted, hearing Jesus’ teaching, retaining Jesus teaching, and then produces fruit or a crop. While Jesus shows no partiality in his teaching, obedience produces the fruit.


Reflection: We are all growing in obedience, how is the Holy Spirit leading you to grow in obedience? 

Prayer: Jesus, help me to know your teachings more. May I continue to learn from your Word and put it to practice through obedience. Grow me!

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